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Psychic clairvoyants wanted for one the best Psychic services in the UK!

Psychic Clairvoyant

Would you like to log-on for one of the best telephone Psychic Clairvoyant services in the UK? We are a warm ethical, family-run company and we’re committed to providing the best readings possible to our clients.

Clairvoyant job opportunities in the UK are many and varied but working from home over the telephone seems the clear winner.

In the Past

Traditionally clairvoyants wishing to utilise their gift as a means of income have been faced with their fair share of obstacles! Let’s begin with the overheads such as advertising, these costs can be crippling and make selling a reading non profitable. You can hire a space in which to work out of but this again requires charging more to the consumer thus making it harder to compete. Travelling in this day and age is both costly and there is always the question of safety when meeting a stranger face to face be it visiting their home or inviting a customer to your own!

How Things Have Changed!

Clairvoyant jobs have been transforming over the years, leaving the above mentioned problems in the past! You can now work as a clairvoyant from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the low overheads this type of work affords. With R J Media it has never been easier to create a revenue stream through working as a clairvoyant because we really do most of the work for you! We advertise heavily throughout the U.K. and as far a field as Australia, resulting in one of (if not THE) busiest psychic line/s in the U.K. and so when you do wish to take calls and read for customers you will almost certainly always be busy.

Who Are R J Media?

R J Media and its services have been run by the same family for almost 30 years now and have been providing holistic services for 20 of those. We are well placed to be your first choice for a clairvoyant job. We offer the opportunity to logon to our system from your own home and transfer the customer to your landline telephone when you choose to be available to receive them. As soon as you decide you no longer wish to give readings you can logoff as simply as you logged on. You work with R J Media as a self employed clairvoyant and will be asked to sign a contract in agreement of our terms and conditions of practice, providing they suit you.

How to Get Started Right Away!

Within 24 (working) hours of submitting a form through this website you can expect to receive a call from one of our team to arrange an introduction. When a time has been mutually agreed you will be called back by one of our team support who will be able to answer any questions you may have and to conduct a short test reading to ensure your services are going to be appropriate for our website/s and for the customers you would be speaking with. Once this has been completed and both parties are happy to continue we will ask you to complete a series of questions (in writing) to help us create your online profile. At this stage things start getting exciting as your almost there! Once your profile has been created by one of our team you will be asked to undergo a short over the phone training session to learn how to use our system and away you go! You’re ready to start earning money with an at home clairvoyant job!

So if you’re ready to start earning top rates of revenue share from doing what you love, please submit the application form and we will in contact within 24 working hours to get you started!**

NOTE: Please remove all answer phone machines and call waiting services by speaking to your provider before applying to become a Freelance Psychic & Tarot provider. As a Freelance Psychic & Tarot provider you will be responsible for your own Tax & National Insurance contributions.


Working with Psychic Sofa has been a great experience. The staff are friendly and supportive and there is no pressure to do more hours than you can manage. As someone with a full time job - who also enjoys reading tarot - I find it particularly helpful that I can pop on and off without anyone hassling me. I have been fortunate to read for so many wonderful people in the short time I have been on Psychic Sofa, and I look forward to it continuing. -- Vanessa P Read More