(Our agents must have a landline to receive calls)

Terms & Conditions Overview

As a self-employed Psychic and Tarot provider you will be responsible for your own Tax and National Insurance contributions. You can get help with this by contacting your local tax office or by searching online.

You must provide readings from a Landline Telephone. Mobiles cannot be used to log on.

Any answer machine, call minder, or voicemail service must be disabled before logging on to our service. These services can be switched off on request from your service provider, for example BT, Talk Talk, Virgin Media etc.

You will receive your revenue share weekly, directly into your bank account. Please note this must be your own personal account and must be in your name.

You must not give out your personal details, social media, or promote details of any related services to a caller or third party.

Do not give out any of the highly confidential information shared during readings.

You must not arrange to meet a caller in person, online or via social media for a reading.

You must not knowingly take part or instigate conversations that involve people under the age of 18 or discuss anything illegal.

Certain subjects should not be discussed, such as:

  • Death and/or possible causes of death
  • Health matters (callers with concerns should be referred to their GP or professional help using the list of helpline numbers provided)
  • The sex of unborn babies
  • Legal matters
  • Financial matters can be discussed, though you must never advise customers on what do with their personal finances.


It's been great working with the Sofa due to having flexible log on hours so I can work around my lifestyle. I have been with the service for almost 4 years now and still enjoy it.Over the time I've worked for Psychic Sofa there has been no pressure or set log on times. They allow us to log on whenever we choose and don't force a night shift, which is one of the biggest perks along with receiving my revenue share weekly. It is also a very busy line and always looking to grow. The best service I have ever worked on. -- Abby Read More