Psychic Tarot Readers Wanted at Psychic Sofa

Would you like to log on for one of the best telephone Psychic Tarot services in the UK? We are a warm, ethical, family-run company, and we’re committed to providing the best readings possible to our clients.

Are you looking to earn money from the comfort of your own home giving genuine and ethical Psychic Tarot readings? Then you’ve come to the right site!

There are many benefits to working with R J Media over the others currently operating in the UK including:

  • Excellent revenue share rates – 20-25p per minute
  • Weekly bank transfer of your revenue share
  • Work from the comfort of your own home!
  • Friendly support staff on hand to guide you through the entire process
  • Work your own hours as a self employed operator from your own home
  • Your own promotional profile on one of the busiest Psychic networks in the world
  • Freedom to work ANY hours you wish without a schedule or rota enforced
  • No maximum or minimum hours required
  • No evening, night or weekend enforcement (Like many other providers)

All we ask is that you work professionally and ethically giving high standard readings to our many new and existing customers from around the world.

So if you’re ready to start earning top rates of revenue share from doing what you love, please submit an application form and we will be in contact within 2 working days to get you started!

NOTE: Please remove all answer phone machines and call waiting services by speaking to your provider before applying to become a Freelance Psychic & Tarot provider. As a Freelance Psychic & Tarot provider you will be responsible for your own Tax & National Insurance contributions.


It's been great working with the Sofa due to having flexible log on hours so I can work around my lifestyle. I have been with the service for almost 4 years now and still enjoy it.Over the time I've worked for Psychic Sofa there has been no pressure or set log on times. They allow us to log on whenever we choose and don't force a night shift, which is one of the biggest perks along with receiving my revenue share weekly. It is also a very busy line and always looking to grow. The best service I have ever worked on. -- Abby Read More